• Hackberry, Louisiana
  • February 2, 2023

News special

Hackberry, Louisiana in Cameron Parish.

Use of this site and the accompanying sites/resources is available to people living or working within 100 miles of Hackberry Louisiana – ONLY. Thank You

    This website and those affiliated with is came out of our trip to provide volunteer hurricane relief labor after Hurricane Laura hit September 1st 2020. It is our desire that this technology be used to help grow this community into a strong vibrant sustainable place for all those who call this marsh home.

    *Ethan The Farmer, Founder / Director GTKYF Foundation Inc


    We have split this site into some core areas:

    • Disaster Relief: Those needing help and those desiring to help. This has become “The Hackberry Relief Project”. A project of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, a GTKYF Foundation Inc program.
    • Ongoing Relief and Reconstruction Efforts: In the coming weeks we will be Relaunching a renewed effort to help continue to rebuild and strengthen this awesome community. Stay tuned for more information.
    • Social Media: This is Hackberry’s very own social media. Where they can come and talk, express themselves, and not have to worry about nonsense from outside. This platform like all of the other Social Media Platforms of GTKYF TECH Group is FREE, and we don’t sell anyone’s information ever! Think of a local Facebook for the LOCAL Community!
    • Market Place: This is Hackberry’s very own Classifieds Site. Think Craigs List… But where we don’t charge, and it’s open to buying, selling, and trading just about anything! (as long as it’s legal!)
      • Business Directory: Where local businesses can get a FREE website and promote their Business.
      • Service Directory: Where local Service Providers can get a FREE website and promote their local services.
    • Dating and Relationships: for those local to Hackberry, Louisiana. Part of what we at GTKYF believe is necessary for a strong community is a strong relational aspect. Many in our world go through life lonely and not connecting with like-minded people. This site is to help those people connect.
    • News: This is where we will publish news and information as it relates to the Community of Hack Berry Louisiana. We plan on adding an email newsletter and a text alert in the very near future to help those living in the area to receive the information via email and text.

    As we have done with many of our other sites and platforms. We will roll out the APPs for both Google Play Store and ios as time goes by and permits. We have apps available for all of the above groups and look forward to providing this service to the community as well.

    Although this group of sites is targeted at the Hackberry, Louisiana community. We will consider adding those within a 100 mi radius on a case-by-case basis. If the demand and desire are seen in other communities we will build out those communities’ websites as well as funds and time permits. As our belief is in helping build strong LOCAL communities.